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Category Code Parts Price Yen
all mighty A-011 Body clips S (10) 185
all mighty A-012 Body clips M (10) 200
all mighty A-013 Body clips L (10) 220
all mighty A-014 Color body clips S 4 color (5) 200
all mighty A-015 Color body clips L 4 color (5) 200
all mighty A-031 P3 O-ring (10) 180
Screw/nut A-101 Set screw 3x3 (10) 180
Screw/nut A-102 Set screw 4x4 (10) 180
Screw/nut A-103 Set screw 5x5 (10) 180
Screw/nut A-104 Set screw 4x6 (10) 190
Screw/nut A-105 Set screw 4x10 (10) 190
Screw/nut A-106 Set screw 4x12 (8) 180
Bearing B-001 6x13x5 (2) Impact Avance MRX-2 MTX 700
Bearing B-001RD Racing dry 6x13x5 (2) Impact Avance MRX-2 MTX 700
Bearing B-002 12x21x5 (2) Impact Avance MRX-2 1,300
Bearing B-002RD Racing dry 12x21x5 (2) Impact Avance MRX-2 1,100
Bearing B-003 12x18x5 (2) Avance Impact MTX 1,500
Bearing B-003RD Racing dry 12x18x5 (2) Avance Impact MTX 1,600
Bearing B-004 607D (1) 21Engine Front 800
Bearing B-005 10x19x5 (2) Impact2 MRX Avance 1,000
Bearing B-005RD Racing dry 10x19x5 (2) Impact2 MRX Avance 1,100
Bearing B-011 3x6x2.5 (2) 520
Bearing B-012 3x6x2.5 with F (2) 800
Bearing B-013 4x7x2.5 (2) 520
Bearing B-014 4x8x3 with F (2) 800
Bearing B-015 4x8x3 (2) 500
Bearing B-016 5x8x2.5 (2) 520
Bearing B-017 5x8x2.5 with F (2) 800
Bearing B-018 5x10x4 (2) 440
Bearing B-019 5x10x4 with F (2) 800
Bearing B-020 5x11x4 (2) 440
Bearing B-021 6x10x3 (2) 520
Bearing B-022 6x12x4 (2) 640
Bearing B-023 8x12x3.5 (2) 520
Bearing B-024 8x14x4 (2) 520
Bearing B-025 8x16x5 (2) 440
Bearing B-026 10x15x4 (2) 1,000
Bearing B-026LB Rubber sealed 10x15x5 (2) MTX Nitro TAMIYA other 500
Bearing B-026RD Racing dry 10x15x4 (2) MTX Nitro TAMIYA other 1,000
Bearing B-027 5x13x3 (1) 400
Bearing B-028 6x12x10 (2) One-way bearing 1,400
Bearing B-029 8x12x12 (1) One-way bearing 950
Bearing B-031 10x15x4 with F (2) (MRX-2 2 speed housing ) 1,000
Bearing B-032 6x8x10 One-way bearing (TG10/Nitro/Prime12)1 speed 550
Bearing B-101 6x13x5 (4) Impact Avance MRX-2 MTX 1,200
Bearing B-102 12x21x5 (4) Impact Avance MRX-2 2,400
Bearing B-103 12x18x5 (4) Avance Impact MTX 2,600
Bearing B-105 10x19x5 (4) Impact2 MRX Avance 1,800
Bearing B-1619 Super 10 Full bearing set 2,700
Bearing B-1820 Active F 1 Full bearing (5x10(6) 5x11(2))8 pieces 1,700
Bearing B-2026 Prime 12 Full bearing (5x11(10) 10x15(8))18 pieces 4,700
Bearing BS4-9 Thrust bearing 4-9 for centax Vector Impact 600
Bearing BS5-10 Thrust bearing 5-10 MRX FANTOM HPI 600
Bearing B-TG10 TG10 Full bearing (5x11(10)6x12(2)8x18(1)5x8(1)) 2,600
Screw/nut C-001 Cap screw 2.6x8 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-002 Cap screw 2.6x12 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-003 Cap screw 2.6x15 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-101 Cap screw 3x6 (10) 140
Screw/nut C-102 Cap screw 3x8 (10) 140
Screw/nut C-103 Cap screw 3x10 (10) 140
Screw/nut C-104 Cap screw 3x12 (10) 140
Screw/nut C-105 Cap screw 3x15 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-106 Cap screw3x20 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-107 Cap screw3x25 (2) 150
Screw/nut C-108 Cap screw3x30 (2) 150
Screw/nut C-202 Cap screw 4x8 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-203 Cap screw 4x10 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-204 Cap screw 4x12 (10) 150
Screw/nut C-205 Cap screw 4x15 (10) 150
Screw/nut E-002 E-ring 2mm (10) 150
Screw/nut E-003 E-ring 3mm (10) 150
Screw/nut E-004 E-ring 4mm for 5mm shaft (10) 190
Screw/nut E-005 E-ring 5mm for 6mm shaft (10) 190
Category Code Parts Price Yen
Screw/nut EG301 Engine mount screw set 4mm(+screw) 400
Screw/nut EG302 Engine mount screw 4mm 450
Screw/nut EG303 Engine mount spacer (OS YOKOMO recoil) 280
Screw/nut EG304 Engine mount screw 5mm 450
Engine parts EG305C Silicon fuel tube (50cm) clear 400
Engine parts EG305G Silicon fuel tube (50cm) green 400
Engine parts EG305LB Silicon fuel tube (50cm) light blue 400
Engine parts EG305OR Silicon fuel tube (50cm) orange 400
Engine parts EG305P Silicon fuel tube (50cm) pink 400
Engine parts EG305R Silicon fuel tube (50cm) red 400
Engine parts EG305Y Silicon fuel tube (50cm) yellow 400
Engine parts EG306 Cone flywheel 7mm 450
all mighty EG307 Body cushion putt 3mm (8) 350
Engine parts EG308 Strong Silicon fuel tube (60cm) 500
Engine parts EG309 Engine control spring stainless (2) 350
all mighty EG310 Tempered servo saver (double spring luminous yellow )SANWA 900
all mighty EG311 Tempered servo saver (double spring luminous yellow)FUTABA 900
Screw/nut EG312 Flat screw 5mm(for engine mount) (5) 500
all mighty EG313 color antenna (4) 400
Screw/nut EG314 Flat screw 4mm(for engine mount) (5) 500
all mighty EG315 5.8mm ball (8) 250
all mighty EG316 Crystal extension 1,690
Screw/nut EG318 Flat screw-3mm (10) 500
Engine parts EG322 Fly wheel remove for 15-21 4,300
all mighty EG325T Seting board(period limet parts ) 16,000
all mighty EG327 curve scissors 850
all mighty EG328 Tire Trimmers (large&small mesh) 1,450
all mighty EG334 Multi tire cuter 2 28,900
GP all migty EG336 12V Code set(for multi starter) 980
all mighty EG338 Hexagonal wrench set 2 (1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0) 2,750
all mighty EG33A Multi tire cutter parts BOSCH 800
all mighty EG33C Multi tire cutter parts driving belt (1) 400
all mighty EG33E Mult itire cutter hub Impact2 2,000
all mighty EG33H Mult itire cutter hub super 10&TAMIYA 2,000
all mighty EG33K Multi tire cutter hub Sting 2,000
all mighty EG33L Multi tire cutter hub YOKOMO12LC front 2,300
all mighty EG33M Multi tire cutter hub YOKOMO12LC rear 2,300
all mighty EG33N Multi tire cutter hub TAMIYA F1 2,300
GP all migty EG340 3WAY starter BOX with power panel (7.2Vor12V) 14,800
EP all migty EG341 7.2V connector (1set) 170
EP all migty EG342 7.2V connector with code (male) 180
EP all migty EG343 Silicon code (40cm) 400
all mighty EG345 Tempered servo saver (double spring black)FUTABA 900
GP all migty EG346 3WAY starter BOX without power panel (7.2VOr12V) 11,000
Engine parts EG400 Fuel filter S purple 350
Engine parts EG401 Fuel filter S blue 350
Engine parts EG402 Fuel filter S silver 350
Engine parts EG502 15 Big carb 8mm(NOVA,TOP MEGA DLTA) 11,000
Engine parts EG506 Slide carburetor (for 12)OS/10A NEXT tune 6mm 5,500
Engine parts EG507 15 Big carb 7mm(NOVA,TOP,MEGA DLTA) 11,000
Engine parts EG509 Carburetor O-ring change tool (for TOP NOVA needle15 21) 550
Engine parts EG510 Superracing head A 2,800
Engine parts EG513 15 Slide carburetor OS/10D NEXT tune 6.5mm 6,500
Engine parts EG514 12 Exhausts port cap (NOVA TOP HPI REX MEGA) 380
Engine parts EG516 12 Exhausts port (OS KYOSYO YOKOMO HPI) 380
Screw/nut F-412 Disk screw 4x12mm +screw (10) 400
Screw/nut FCB036 cap button screw 3x6mm (10) 300
Screw/nut FCB038 cap button screw 3x8mm (10) 300
Screw/nut FCB310 cap button screw 3x10mm (10) 300
Screw/nut FCB312 cap button screw 3x12mm (10) 300
Super Ten parts GP009 Super GP-10 titanium steering turn buckle set 750
Super Ten parts GP014 Super GP-10 front knuckle arm (duralumin) 6,000
Super Ten parts GP015 Super GP-10 3mm Post with (duralumin) 4,650
Super Ten parts GP016 Super 10 front wheel (BBS) 3 color 780
Super Ten parts GP017 Super 10 rear wheel (BBS) 3 color 880
IMPACT parts GP018 Imapact Mk2 Tempered belt S (urethane kepler) 900
GP all migty GP020 Big carbon brake disk (Super ten spider GP Nitro) 750
GP all migty GP021 Carbon brake disk (Super ten spider GP Nitro) 750
PURE-TEN GP022 Spider GP turn buckle set(front upper)luminous yellow blue 700
PURE-TEN GP023 Spider GP turn buckle set(steering)luminous yellow blue 750
Screw/nut N-101 Nylon nut 2.6mm (10) 150
Screw/nut N-102 Nylon nut 3.0mm thin model (10) 150
Screw/nut N-103 Nylon nut 3.0mm (10) 150
Screw/nut N-104 Nylon nut 5.0mm (4) 150
Screw/nut N-105 Nylon nut 4.0mm (8) 150
Screw/nut N-106 Nylon nut 6.0mm (3) 150
Screw/nut N221G Nylon nut 3mm thin model gold (8) 450
Screw/nut N222B Nylon nut 3mm thin model blue (8) 450
Screw/nut N223Pr Nylon nut 3mm thin model purple (8) 450
Screw/nut N224Pi Nylon nut 3mm thin model pink (8) 450
Screw/nut N321G Nylon nut 3mm gold (8) 400
Screw/nut N322B Nylon nut 3mm blue (8) 400
Screw/nut N323Pr Nylon nut 3mm purple (8) 400
Screw/nut N324Pi Nylon nut 3mm pink (8) 400
Screw/nut N422B Coler nylon nut 4mm thin model blue (6) 450
Screw/nut N423Pr Coler Nylon nut 4mm thin purple (6) 450
Engine parts NH012 Turbo under head set(CT12 CX12 HPI PRO12) 2,000
Engine parts NH051 BIG carb set(with turbo under gasket) MT12 12,000
Engine parts NL001 Metal treatment oil (100ml) 3,550
Engine parts NL002 Metal treatment oil (20ml) 980
Engine parts NL005 Maintenace oil (100ml) 850
NEXT NR-1 NEXT NR-1 Slide with carb 17,800
Engine parts OSCZRGH OS CZ-R with gold head 5,500
Category Code Parts Price Yen
GP all migty Q-705 Starter ring (for multi starter BOX3) 800
Screw/nut S2608 SUS disk screw M2.6x8mm (10) 150
Screw/nut S2614 SUS disk screw M2.6x14mm (10) 160
Screw/nut S-308 SUS disk screw 3x8 150
Screw/nut S-310 SUS disk screw 3x10 (10) 160
Screw/nut S-312 SUS disk screw 3x12 (10) 170
Screw/nut S-410 SUS disk screw 4x10 170
Screw/nut SC412 Disk screw 4x12mm SUS hexagon (5) 250
Screw/nut SM038 Cap button screw 3x8 (4) 180
Screw/nut SM310 SUS cap button screw 3x10mm (4) 180
Screw/nut SM312 SUS cap button screw 3x12mm (4) 180
BMT parts SP005 BMT-931 front wheel nut (2 pieces include) 600
GP all migty SP026 6mm Plawasher (BMT MRX STING AVANCE other) 200
GP all migty SP028 Four wheel drive 201belt (Impact Vector MRX Proceed) 750
GP all migty SP039 Body mount mini(purple) 650
GP all migty SP040 Body mount mini(silver) 650
all mighty SP042 Body mount spaccer set (silver.purple)10 15mm 700
all mighty SP043 Rod end set (for 3mm rod) 5 coler 500
all mighty SP046 Hard rod end set (S) 4 set yellow 350
all mighty SP047 Hard rod end set(S) 4set blue 350
all mighty SP048 5.8mm hard rod end set(M) 5 pieces(for 3mm rod) yellow 300
all mighty SP049 5.8mm hard rod end set(M) 5 pieces(for 3mm rod)pink 300
all mighty SP050 5.8mm hard rod end set(M) 5 pieces(for 3mm rod)black 300
BMT parts SP080 BMT-941 95R front 6 spoke black wheel (2 pieces) 1,000
BMT parts SP081 BMT-941 95R rear 6 spoke black wheel (2 pieces) 1,200
all mighty SP108 Titanium special turn buckle (for 1/8 68mm) 1,100
IMPACT parts SP112 Titanium special turn buckle set(Impact MK2) 1,350
IMPACT parts SP113 carbon mecha plate set (Impact MK2) 5,200
IMPACT parts SP114A Tempered special main chassis(B)(Impact MK2) 5,980
IMPACT parts SP115 Rear damper &Body mount suport (Impact MK2) 1,950
IMPACT parts SP116 Tempered Driveshafts rear (2) (ImpactMK2) 1,800
IMPACT parts SP118 Front axle alu. with one-way bearings (Impact MK2) 2,700
IMPACT parts SP119 Steel disk rotor (Impact MK2) 1,200
IMPACT parts SP120 Mecha plate mount (Impact MK2) 2,000
IMPACT parts SP123 Damper end aluminum purple (4) (Impact MK2) 1,300
IMPACT parts SP124A Front 5spoke wheel (4 color) Imapact 2 780
IMPACT parts SP125A Rear 5spoke wheel (4 color) Impact 2 880
IMPACT parts SP126 Recever blanket (for Hashimoto plate) Impact MK2 450
EXCEL parts SP127 Titanium special turn buckle set(excel MK2) 1,350
IMPACT parts SP130 Side drive blut (Impact MK2) 850
IMPACT parts SP131 Front steering block L,R(Impact MK2) 6,000
IMPACT parts SP132 Rear up right L,R(Impact MK2) 6,000
IMPACT parts SP134 Rear black plate (Impact MK2) 3,100
IMPACT parts SP135 Front wheel (BBS luminous yellow ) Impact MK2 780
IMPACT parts SP136 Rear wheel (BBS luminous yellow) Impact MK2 880
IMPACT parts SP140 Rear low sus stiffner carbon Impact 2 850
VECTOR IMPACT SP141 Front uper sus shaft (with E-ring) VectorImpact 900
VECTOR parts SP142 Head rear lower sus shaft Vector 900
VECTOR parts SP143 SP radio plate ssuport 3 point aluminum 6,200
VECTOR parts SP144 Vector mechaplate 2 2.5mm 8,500
VECTOR IMPACT SP145 Vector Impact 2 front low sus shaft with E-ring 950
VECTOR IMPACT SP147 Vector Impact Teflon ball cup (8) 1,200
IMPACT parts SP151 Tempered front drive belt Impact 2 1,000
IMPACT parts SP152 Tempered rear drive belt Impact 2 1,200
IMPACT parts SP153 Rear body mount purple (with pat) Impact 2 M2 800
VECTOR IMPACT SP154 for centaxclutch belt(head steel)Impact Vector 1,500
VECTOR IMPACT SP155 for centaxpinion gear 15T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP156 for centaxpinion gear16T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP157 for centaxpinion gear17T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP158 for centaxpinion gear18T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP159 for centaxpinion gear19T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP160 for centaxpinion gear20T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP161 for centaxpinion gear21T(steel)Impact Vector 900
VECTOR IMPACT SP163 for centax dustcap(aluminum)Impact Vector 600
VECTOR IMPACT SP164 for centax dustcap(aluminum purple)Impact Vector 700
VECTOR IMPACT SP165 clutch belt pinion tool Impact Vector 700
VECTOR IMPACT SP167 Hard cup ball (8) Impact M2 Vector 1,200
IMPACT parts SP168 Tempered front Driveshafts(LONG) Impact M2 1,980
IMPACT parts SP169 Impact M2 head SP main chassis 4mm(7075T6) 99type 6,300
IMPACT parts SP170 Impact M2 head SP main chassis 5mm(7075T6) 99type 7,300
VECTOR parts SP171 Vector head SP main chassis 5mm(7075 T6) 99type 9,800
HPI NITRO parts SP251 HPI Nitro damper end(aluminum purple) (4) 1,300
HPI NITRO parts SP252 HPI Nitro SP main chassis 3mm(7075 T6) gold 4,980
HPI NITRO parts SP253 HPI Nitro SP main chassis 3mm(7075 T6)purple 4,980
HPI NITRO parts SP256 HPI Nitro stiffner&belt tensionertension (aluminum with BB)purple 1,980
HPI NITRO parts SP257 HPI Nitro front turn buckle uppur arm set (luminous yellow blue) 700
HPI NITRO parts SP258 HPI Nitro rear turn buckle uppur arm set (luminous yellow blue) 700
HPI NITRO parts SP259 HPI Nitro steering turn buckle set (luminous yellow) 1,300
HPI NITRO parts SP2602 HPI Nitro mini SP main chassis 3mm engine mount with (7075 T6) 5,500
HPI NITRO parts SP261 HPI Nitro SP main chassis2 3mm(7075 T6)purple 4,980
HPI NITRO parts SP262 HPI Nitro SP main chassis2 3mm(7075 T6)?????? gold 4,980
PROCEED parts SP270 HPI Proceed aluminum belt tensioner 1,000
PROCEED parts SP271 HPI Proceed front Driveshafts (short) 1,200
Category Code Parts Price Yen
K2X parts SP301 MUGEN K2X special main chassis(B) 4mm duralumin 5,980
AVANCE parts SP326 Avance head front upper sus shaft 350
AVANCE parts SP327 Avance head front lower sus shaft 400
AVANCE parts SP328 Avance head rear upper sus shaft 350
AVANCE parts SP329 Avance head rear lower sus shaft 400
AVANCE parts SP330 Avance titanium tierod set 1,400
STING parts SP331 Sting titanium tierod set 1,400
AVANCE parts SP335 Avance radioplate mount purple silver 2,600
AVANCE parts SP336 Avance rear damper & body mount spurport 1,800
STING parts SP337 Sting front upper sus shaft with E-ring 900
STING parts SP338 Sting rear lower sus shaft with E-ring 950
AVANCE parts SP341 Avance aluminum F quick change lever blue pink 900
AVANCE parts SP342 Avance aluminum R quick change lever blue pink 950
AVANCE parts SP343 Avance carbon meca plate (can do Big carb) 5,500
AVANCE parts SP344 Avance rear dampur &body mount suport 2 1,950
STING parts SP345 Sting SP main chassis 5mm 9,800
STING parts SP346 Sting Tempered front half shaft 1,200
STING parts SP347 Sting rear body mount suport A 2,300
STING parts SP348 Sting rear body mount suport B 1,900
STING parts SP349 Sting front skock suport (carbon) 1,200
AVANCE parts SP351 Avance front skock suport (carbon) 980
AVANCE parts SP352 Avance front wheel (luminous yellow gray) 780
AVANCE parts SP353 Avance rear wheel (luminous yellow gray) 880
AVANCE parts SP354 Avance SP main chassis 5mm(7075 T6) 8,300
AVANCE parts SP355 Avance Sting steel disk roller (SUS) 1,800
STING parts SP356 Sting rear lower sus arm (with up stoper) 4,800
MRX parts SP357 Sting Tempered rear haft shaft 1,200
MRX AVANCE SP358 Sting Avance damper end (aluminum purple) 1,300
MRX AVANCE SP360 MRX Avance clutch bell (hard steel ) 1,100
STING parts SP363 Sting 1ST.gear 18T 900
STING parts SP365 Sting 2ND.gear 20T 1,000
STING parts SP366 Sting 2ND.gear 21T 1,000
AVANCE parts SP368 Avance 1ST.gear 16T 900
AVANCE parts SP369 Avance 1ST.gear 17T 900
AVANCE parts SP370 Avance 1ST.gear 18T 900
AVANCE parts SP371 Avance 2ND.gear 19T 1,000
AVANCE parts SP372 Avance 2ND.gear 20T 1,000
AVANCE parts SP373 Avance 2ND.gear 21T 1,000
MRX AVANCE SP375 MRX Avance clutch bell gear tool 700
MRX AVANCE SP376 MRX Avance for centax clutch bell (head steel) 1,500
MRX AVANCE SP377 Sting Avance ETC belt tensioner(with BB) 950
AVANCE parts SP378 Avance SP main chassis 4mm(7075 T6) 6,300
AVANCE parts SP379 Clutch ball for A T clutch (4) 400
AVANCE parts SP380 Avance Sting hard ball cup (8) 1,200
AVANCE parts SP381 Avance Tempered front half shaft 1,200
AVANCE parts SP383 Avance hard front upper sus shaft (with E-ring) 900
AVANCE parts SP384 Avance hard front lower sus shaft (with E-ring) 950
AVANCE parts SP385 Avance belt L (LONG) 800
MRX parts SP386 MRX-2 front upper sus shaft (with E-ring)3mm 900
MRX parts SP387 MRX-2 front lower sus shaft (with E-ring)4mm 950
MRX parts SP388 MRX-2 Tempered rear half shaft 1,200
MRX parts SP389 MRX-2 aluminum belt tensioner(black) 1,200
MRX parts SP392 MRX-2 aluminum rear body mount suport (black) 2,000
MRX parts SP393 MRX-2 stainless steel disk rooller (2) 1,980
all mighty SP39B Body mount mini (blue) 650
PRIME parts SP501 Prime 12 hard front sus shaft (4) 680
PRIME parts SP502 Prime 12 hard rear sus shaft (4) 680
PRIME parts SP503 Prime 12 front skock stay (carbon) 1,850
PRIME parts SP504 Prime 12 rear skock stay (carbon) 1,850
PRIME parts SP505 Prime 12 carbon brake disk 800
PRIME parts SP507 Prime 12 brake disk inner hub set 1,100
PRIME parts SP508 Prime 12 front torque rod set 1,350
PRIME parts SP509 Prime 12 engine mount set 1,350
PRIME parts SP510 Prime 12 herd joint cup (for diff) 680
PRIME parts SP511 Prime 12 stabilizer set F/R 1,350
PRIME parts SP512 Prime 12 SP steering set 3,000
PRIME parts SP514 Prime 12 turn buckle upper arm set F/R 1,000
PRIME parts SP515 Prime 12 universal drive shaft (2) 2,700
TG10 parts SP550 TAMIYA TG10 SP main chassis 3mm(7075 T6) gold 4,980
TG10 parts SP552 TAMIYA TG10 lightwegiht fly wheel (recoil method) 650
TG10 parts SP553 TAMIYA TG10 damper end (aluminum purple) (4) 1,300
TG10 parts SP554 TAMIYA TG10 front lower arm (MC nylon) 3,000
TG10 parts SP555 TAMIYA TG10 rear lower arm (MC nylon) 3,000
TG10 parts SP556 TAMIYA TG10 engine mount (for without recoil) 2,000
TG10 parts SP557 TAMIYA TG10 carbon brake disk 900
TG10 parts SP558 TAMIYA TG10 Big carbon brake disk 950
FANTOM parts SP600 FANTOM head front swing shaft 1,200
FANTOM parts SP601 FANTOM head rear swing shaft 1,200
FANTOM parts SP602 FANTOM head front lower sus shaft 950
FANTOM parts SP603 FANTOM aluminum belt tensioner (black) 1,200
IMPULSE parts SP700 Impulse stainless disk roller 1,200
IMPULSE parts SP701 Impulse aluminum damper end 1,300
IMPULSE parts SP702 Impulse tempered front drive belt (urethane) 1,000
IMPULSE parts SP703 Impulse rear damper suport (duralumin) 1,980
IMPULSE parts SP704 Impulse titanimu turn buckle set (steering) 1,000
IMPULSE parts SP705 Impulse teflon ball cup (8) 1,200
MTX-2 parts SP750 MTX-2 aluminum belt tensioner(side with BB) 2,000
MTX-2 parts SP751 MTX-2 titanimu rear turn buckle upper arm(5 color) 1,000
MTX-2 parts SP752 MTX-2 front upper sus shaft (E method) 900
MTX-2 parts SP753 MTX-2 front lower sus shaft (E method) 950
MTX-2 parts SP754 MTX-2 dampur end (aluminum purple) (4) 1,300
MTX-2 parts SP755 MTX-2 hard ball cup (8) 1,200
MTX-2 parts SP756 MTX-2 stainless cooling disk roller 1,100
MTX-2 parts SP757 MTX-2 titanimu steering turn buckle set 1,000
MTX-2 parts SP758 MTX-2 front sorid axle (purple) 2,600
MTX-2 parts SP759 MTX-2 rear sorid axle(purple) 2,650
all mighty SP760 SP muffler stay (purple) all mighty 650
MTX-2 parts SP761 MTX-2 SP main chassis (7075 T6)purple 4,980
Category Code Parts Price Yen
Screw/nut T-001 Flat screw 3.5x12 (20) 150
all mighty TT002 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 15mm 550
all mighty TT003 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 20mm 550
all mighty TT004 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 25mm 550
all mighty TT005 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 28mm 550
all mighty TT006 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 30mm 550
all mighty TT007 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 34mm 650
all mighty TT008 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 36mm 650
all mighty TT009 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 38mm 650
all mighty TT010 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 40mm 650
all mighty TT011 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 42mm 650
all mighty TT012 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 46mm 750
all mighty TT013 Titanium turn buckle (with wrench) 50mm 750
Screw/nut U-410 Disk screw 4x10 (12) 150
Screw/nut U-412 Disk screw 4x12 (20) 200